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Indian Runner Duck

Their high egg production and unique appeance caused Runners to become ... far back on their bodies, resulting in the upright carriage characteristic of the breed. ... Runner ducks are prolific layers and good strains will lay in excess of 250 ...

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Advice on the best duck breeds to compose your backyard flock from HGTV. ... Indian Runner ducks originated in Indonesia where rice farmers used them to ... Good layers of greenish or white eggs, Runners can lay 150-200 eggs per year.

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The Indian Runner ducks are domesticated waterfowl that ... The breed is unusual not only for its high egg production but ...

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Indian Runner Ducks are incredibly prolific egg layers. ... and bottle-shaped body , the Indian Runner Duck is one of the most identifiable duck breeds. .... Properly managed for egg production, good strains of Indian Runner ducks are prolific ...

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Indian Runner, Khaki Campbell, Zending etc. are highly egg productive duck breeds. Characteristics of some egg laying duck breeds are described below.

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All Runners or Indian Runners were originally bred in Southeast Asia for high egg production and excellent mobility. They are a light, upright duck, available in  ...

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However, the Indian Runner duck became popular in Europe and America towards the end of the 19th century, as a good egg laying duck breed. It's recorded ...

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Apr 2, 2016 ... We suggest the best duck breeds for the garden, but they turn lawns into mud- baths. ... Indian runners can lay upwards of 200 eggs a year.

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We've bred Indian Runner ducks for over thirty years, and are still amazed each year at the variety of colours and temperaments. ... hatches, which get the most attention, are invariably the tamest and best as pets. ... they do not lay eggs.

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A hen can lay up to 180 eggs in one year. Incubation: 28 days. Unlike some duck breeds, the Indian runner does not need water to breed. Ducklings are best ...

the indian runner duck is the best egg laying duck breed